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Wellington is New Zealand's capital city. Wellingtonian's take pride in the fact that it has been named world's 'coolest little capital'. Wellington is a cultural and vibrant city with a small footprint but a big heart — there is something for everyone here!

Nestled on the harbour and surrounded by hills, outdoor pursuits are a favourite past time, from paddle boarding when the winds are calm or wind surfing when they are up. Many go to the hills for an energetic mountain bike ride or you can be listening to bird calls in native bush within 15 minutes of leaving the city centre.

To keep the energy levels up, there are a large number of outstanding cafes, restaurants, and bars where internationally renowned coffee can be sipped or the newest craft beer can be enjoyed.

Culture is at the heart of the city, with numerous festivals running throughout the year. Home of Te Papa, the National Museum and the National Ballet, there are also many innovative films being produced in the city which helps keep the creativity alive.

All our Wellington Apartments are in the heart of the city, where all this can be enjoyed!


Undeniably Auckland is our largest city - and in it is everything you would expect to find from a large world class city. Nestled between two harbours Auckland proudly boasts the name 'city of sails' and it's easy to understand why!

Within central Auckland you will find world-class shops, bars and restaurants, with different neighbourhoods having their own unique style and flair. Beach living is a major part of life here, with many stunning beaches within central Auckland and in a short drive you can find a remote but stunning piece of paradise.

A large number of international companies are based in Auckland, with huge international events being hosted each year, there is a great buzz about Auckland that makes you feel as though we really are a part of the international stage in New Zealand.

Our CBD apartments let you take in all the best of Auckland living!