We work with a number of specialist relocation companies within New Zealand and overseas. Below are some we recommend. 

On Arrival New Zealand

On Arrival is an ‘end-to-end’ resettlement company, which helps new migrants from overseas, and families moving within New Zealand, to settle into their new homes. On Arrival has a national presence, with 25 consultants throughout New Zealand, who are all in-line with our clients’ wide range of needs.

On Arrival will work alongside your company’s HR team to help resettle new employees and their families using tried and proven systems for the management of their programmes, in accordance with our quality control processes. These cover all stages of the resettlement process for:

  • Pre-arrival
  • Arrival and orientation
  • Home search
  • School selection
  • Community orientation
  • Spouse and family support services

We aim to make the move for families re-settling in New Zealand as easy and stress free as possible. When re-settling families we take a totally holistic approach to understanding their total needs, and we support our clients long after they have moved into their new accommodation. We focus on the needs of the spouse and family until they are totally self-sufficient. We have “been there, done that”, having moved to New Zealand from Canada over 26 years ago. This has given us first-hand experience of what it’s like to move to a new country, enabling us to understand a family’s needs at critical points in the relocation cycle.



Relocations International

Relocations International offer a professional relocation settling service (familiarisation, home search, education, settling in and cultural training) and our clients include a mix of private firms and  organisations plus a wide range of Government Departments.

Our services can help companies attract the best prospective employees by offering support and taking some of the stress out of relocating if a successful appointee needs to move to take up their appointment. 

Our aim is to have the relocating employee settled quickly and happily.  This supports the move of family members, reduces the time needed in costly temporary accommodation, time away from work and allows them to focus on their new position with minimum distraction.

Our resources are tailored to meet each employee’s personal and family needs along with the services of a dedicated and experienced local Consultant. The company save time and money, and relocation is a much less stressful experience for the relocatee. 

Our offices are based in Wellington and Auckland and we have experienced Consultants nationwide in 18 locations who are dedicated to assisting and supporting relocatees to a successful outcome.

Recent testimonials from clients can be found on our website www.relocate.co.nz. 
Please contact Julia onjulia@reloc-wgtn.co.nz for any of your relocation needs