In the current world we live in, self isolation has become the new normal. But that doesn’t mean we need to stop being positive or productive with our time. Here are a few simple ways you can fill your time during the coming weeks.


Pick up a New Skill

You may have seen the Youtube ad by now. Skillshare is a learning platform with online video classes covering almost everything. Whether you’re keen to learn a new business skill or a creative craft there’s something for everybody. Check out the free classes available here or start your free 2 months of unlimited classes here.

If you prefer, another alternative is, an online video learning platform available for free via the Wellington City Libraries website. You will need your library card number to access this. Your password is the last 4-digits of your phone number. If you’re part of another library, check out their main website as they could have access to this too.


Take a Walk

Most of us don‘t exercise enough, so what better time than now to start a daily walking habit during your normal commute time. Google map your area and see if there are any routes or parks you’re not familiar with and go on a bit of an adventure. With limited cars on the road it’s easy to keep your social distance while still feeling good with a quick smile to people as you pass.


Stay Organised with Work

It’s easy to get distracted by emails and other tasks. Start the day by writing down a list of priorities you want to achieve to make sure nothing is forgotten and you finish the day satisfied.


Read a Book

Have you always been meaning to read that book that’s been sitting on your bookshelf? Well now could be that moment.  Settle down with a glass of wine and immerse yourself in another life with a novel or learn more about a subject with a non-fiction read.

If you have a Wellington City Libraries card, plus an iPad, Kobo or even a Smartphone you can log into Libby or Overdrive and access the huge online ebook and audiobook database for free using your library card. If you belong to another library, have a look at their main website, they too may be able to give you access to this.


Keep Connected

Whether it’s a video call to your family or a Zoom team meeting at work, its important we all stay connected during this time of disconnect.

Hopefully you enjoyed this list and found it useful. You find more on our HiAtlas Blog or browse our selection of beautiful properties currently available in Wellington Central.


Good luck, stay safe and be kind. We’re all in this together.