You can’t beat working in Wellington on a good day. Nor can you beat the tasty coffee made in cafes throughout the capital! People often ask us why moving to and working in Wellington, even for a short time, is so popular. We can think of plenty of reasons but have chosen our top six to share with you.

6 Reasons to Work in Wellington

Once rated as the coolest little city in the world by Lonely Planet, the team at HiAtlas have got a soft spot for Wellington, and it’s not just because we live here! We love welcoming people to our city, whether they are here to work or play and settling them into one of our amazing furnished properties for their stay. Why don’t you come and try working here for a while too…here are six reasons we think you’d love it:

  1. Vibrant lifestyle – there’s always something happening in Wellington! Sports events, concerts and shows at the theatres are great to spend attend after work. But you’ll also find things happening during the week too, such as lunchtime concerts and amazing shops to visit.


  1. Wide range of industries – from government organisations through to ICT, engineering, health and finance, Wellington is full of opportunities. Many contractors who originally get fixed-term work in Wellington, love it so much they end up living here permanently.


  1. Compact city – you could walk almost everywhere in central Wellington, though there’s some great public transport you could take as well. From the waterfront up to the Terrace, you’ll only a few steps from all the action, with some amazing views to be seen too.


  1. Bustling CBD – Wellington has its own CBD vibes. While the wind can blow, the hive of activities, restaurants, and cafes from Lambton Quay and beyond make it all worthwhile.


  1. Awesome accommodation – while the many hotels offer visitors a place to rest their heads, choosing somewhere to stay that provides all the comforts of home is much nicer. Our range of furnished apartments are ideal for business travellers who want to be positioned close to the CBD and need high quality and comfortable accommodation to relax and entertain in after work.


  1. Creativity and innovation – Wellington is packed with unique and innovative individuals who sparkle with creativity and enthusiasm. There are plenty of game changes and world leaders here, making it an ideal steppingstone in anyone’s career path.


If you’re considering working in Wellington, we’d love to assist you with your accommodation needs. View our list of available properties, or get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our team today.