Furnishing an apartment for a tenant requires a different mindset than when selecting furnishings for your personal residence. To help you with selecting furniture and accessories for your property, we’ve put together a collection of our top seven tips.

7 Tips on Selecting Furniture for Your Apartment 

As property managers, we know that an apartment containing high quality furniture, fittings and appliances appeals to our tenants. As a property owner, it is to your advantage that you ensure your apartment contains furniture and décor that meets the needs of your tenants aesthetically and functionally. To help you achieve this, we are sharing seven of our tips for furnishing an apartment before marketing begins. Consider your preferred tenant – the type of furnishing you choose must appeal to the type of tenant you want to attract. A family with children has different requirements to a professional couple.

Keep it neutral – stick with neutral-coloured furnishings that will remain on-trend for years to come. Neutral colours and designs help give the illusion of space and work well with a variety of coloured accessories.

Good lighting is essential – a well lit apartment is vital. As well as wall and ceiling fixtures, add floor and table lamps to enhance the ambience and functionality of a room.

Multifunctional furniture – apartments are by nature smaller than traditional housing. As such, there is less space for furniture. Select pieces that can be used for multiple purposes, such as an ottoman with storage space inside.

Accessorise – having selected neutral coloured furniture, your accessories give you the opportunity to make a splash, so to speak. Bold colours and patterns can highlight specific features of an apartment, as well as minimising the appearance of less appealing ones. Select throw cushions, rugs, and window treatments that your prospective tenants will enjoy using and looking at.

Size is important – ensure that you have measured each room within the apartment before selecting any furniture. Large, oversized furniture can make a room look small and unappealing, and likewise does not providing enough or too small furniture.

First impressions count – when viewing a property, first impressions matter. From the moment a tenant enters the front door, ensure the décor reflects what they will see throughout the apartment.

Furnishing an apartment can be time consuming, which is why we offer our owners the option of having our team do it for you. With connections with some of Wellington’s best-known retailers, we will dress your apartment to the highest of standards, offering corporate discounts unavailable elsewhere. For further information on this or our additional property management services, please get in touch with our team today.