Options for transport in Wellington have grown significantly in recent years. With the replacement of the old trolley buses, the introduction of ride sharing apps and a variety of taxi services, travel within the Capital is much improved.

To help you navigate the city and explore the suburbs during your stay, we’ve put together a collection of transport options for you to consider.

5 Options for Transport in Wellington

Over the years, we’ve identified that while many of the residents in our furnished accommodation do have access to a vehicle during their stay, many prefer using local transport options instead. As most our extended stay apartments are located close to the CBD, walking is a popular option during the week. During weekends and holidays though, residents want to explore the city and that’s where these options for transport in Wellington are used:

  • Public transport – Metlink operate the local buses, trains and ferry networks.  With timetables available on their website, it is easy to identify routes to take and the journey costs. You can also pick up physical timetables from stockists or view information at local main stops, some of which have digital displays. Monthly passes are available and with the national ticketing system coming in, soon paying your fares will be even easier.


  • Ride sharing – like all major cities, Wellington does have ride share options such as Lyft and Uber available for use. Simply download the corresponding app and book your ride.


  • Cityhop and Mevo – through Cityhop, you can hire a car for as little as an hour, great for collecting groceries or picking up a colleague from the airport. Mevo is similar, with cars available for hire for an hour or more.


  • Taxis and shuttles – taxis are available throughout the city, with ranks in many areas including the airport and within the CBD. Shuttles are also a great option for transporting a group of colleagues after dinner and drinks.


  • Rental cars – traditional rental car companies are also based in the Capital. When booking your accommodation with us, be sure to confirm that your residence has an allocated car park if you will be needing one throughout your stay.


The team at HiAtlas look forward to welcoming you to Wellington and arranging one or more of our fully furnished properties for your use throughout your stay. Please contact us directly or view our current available properties for more information.