There is reason to start getting excited this quarter as our kiwi resilience begins to shine through the mess of global events.

Reopening the New Zealand Border

Economists across the board discuss the reopening border and the economic impacts this will likely bring. By July 2022, our borders will be open to anyone from Australia and visitors from anywhere in the world from October 2022. However, until then, the government has reopened the borders to New Zealanders, eligible travellers, and skilled workers earning at least 1.5 times the median wage.

The reopening of borders will likely open up a new pathway for economic prospects. The increased availability of labour supply will create a collective sigh of relief from many businesses who have been struggling to find labour since the borders closed and shut out international prospects. We, for one, expect growing interest for HiAtlas properties from companies employing from overseas and who are receiving visits from global head offices and corporations.

Recent Boost to Local Economy

Wellington is still striving to be as lively as ever (within safety precautions). The opening of Transmission Gully has provided a good deal of excitement across Wellington by improving the ease of travel from the outer suburbs to our vibrant central city.

Wellington City Council has provided its encouragement by reducing parking to $1 per hour during the weekend and after 5pm on weeknights and providing free outdoor parkletdining licenses for businesses looking to create more outdoor space and bring life and creativity to the neighbourhood. If youre looking for a bit of inspiration and want to support locals, too, take a look at Our Top Picks of New Wellington Eats.

Ultimately, as always, Wellington is a great place to be. Here at HiAtlas, we are still getting steady demand for furnished properties. We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in one of our available properties or have a property that would fit our portfolio.