The results are in and the data has been analysed. Infometrics NZ has named Wellington New Zealand’s most creative city in 2021. With a Creative Index of 6.1, Wellington continues to stay well ahead of other regions.

We’ve held onto the mantel since 2000, and it’s no surprise. Our creativity is part of what makes locals so proud of Wellington. So naturally we thought we’d take this moment to highlight some of the upcoming creative events happening in Wellington.

This winter the creative world is alight with entertainment and drama. After the grand success of Promise and Promiscuity, a Jane Austen comedy, Penny Ashton returns with the new comedy Olive Copperbottom, a Dickensian Tale of Love, Gin and the Pox. For those interested in the dramatic and thought-provoking, Owls Do Not Cry will be just right for you, inspired by New Zealand’s very own Janet Frame.

More of a poet at heart? Poetry in Motion at the Fridge Bar will be a must. Otherwise, the Raw Comedy Quest is taking place during June and July for those looking for a good chuckle. We of course cannot forget the music, and the Wellington Symphony Orchestra certainly fits the bill.

Not sure about you, but we’re so excited for these upcoming local events.

No matter your taste or where you are based, Wellington always provides something creative for all to enjoy. Be sure to visit the websites linked throughout this article and book a ticket, but be warned - you’ll have a tough time choosing where to go!

Wellington will always be the place to be. We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in one of our available properties or have a property that would fit in our portfolio.