We can all testify as to the wet and windy Wellington winter weather! And if that wasn’t a mouth bender, today we’re going to share some tips on how you can achieve Wellington winter wellness regardless of the weather!

Staying Healthy During a Wellington Winter

We might be bias, but we love winter in the Capital regardless of the weather. With so many things to do and places to visit, it’s easy to plan activities that aren’t weather dependent. What’s not so easy to plan is our physical health, with colds and flus being an intermittent companion for many Wellingtonians throughout the winter.

So here are our top tips to help you feel your best throughout the Wellington winter:

  • Wrap up warm – thankfully there is no lack of wonderful clothing stores throughout the Wellington region in which you’ll find the perfect outfit to keep you toasty warm.  Head to Cuba Street for some of the unique stores. Check out another of our articles on shopping in the CBD for more great ideas.
  • Eat and drink well—some say a hot lemon and honey drink does wonders. We say coffee (or something a bit stronger) from one of our many local cafes, bars, and restaurants is a fabulous option, too.
  • Keep up your Vitamin D levels – you may not feel like heading outdoors, but it is very important to retain high vitamin D levels over the winter months. Most of us get our vitamin D levels from the sun. Remain active by visiting one of the many park walks or explore the waterfront if the weather permits.
  • Spend time with friends – socialising is a great way to maintain a happy outlook on life, and spending time with friends at the local theatre, sports events,