We specialise in providing our corporate renters with Wellington’s furnished properties of the highest calibre. We are always looking for new apartments, houses and townhouses within or close to Wellington’s CBD which meet the high standards our corporate renters expect. In this guide, we discuss the key features both we and our renters look for in a rental property and encourage you to contact us regarding adding your property to our list.

Key Features Corporate Renters Look for in a Property 

Not all rental properties are the same size, in the same location or have the same nearby amenities. Our corporate renters know this, and place a high value on rentals which are:

Located in or near the CBD – many of our clients have come to the Capital for work, much of which is based in the city centre. An apartment located near the client’s workplace is always a bonus.

Entertainment area – as well as living there themselves, many of our clients also entertain while staying in their apartment or house. An open space kitchen, dining and living area is highly sort after.

High quality furnishings – all items of furniture are required to be of a high quality regardless of whether they are functional or decorative. Top quality leather or upholstery fabrics are necessary but should also be comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Interior design – we recommend working with an interior designer who can assist you with colour choices and furniture placement. Window dressings can also be advised by your designer, as these have the potential to completely change the way a room is thought of.

Fixtures – from the shower head through to the lighting fixtures, high quality fixtures are required. Not only do they look fantastic, but they are also less likely to require fixing and have lower maintenance costs.

Transport and/or parking space – our clients come from out of town and either bring their own vehicle or use public transport to get around the Capital. A dedicated car parking space is highly attractive, as is walking access to public transport nearby.

If you are interested in listing your Wellington CBD property with our expert property management team, we’d love to hear from you. We can visit your property and advise you on its suitability, make recommendations and assist with the selection of fixtures and furniture for it, or make introduction to interior designers we trust.

The team at Hiatlas look forward to working with you in the preparation to rent and the management of your property in the near future.