To many, accommodation on an extended holiday or corporate relocation brings one word to mind: hotel. Few consider the benefits and comforts of leasing an apartment, especially if you’re staying for a month or longer. Self-sufficient living opens up a whole other side of Wellington to the travelling professional - here are five reasons to choose an apartment for your extended stay in the world’s coolest capital.

#1 - You Do You
An apartment is self-sufficient, which means everything happens on your terms. You’re free to use the space how you want - no set time for breakfast, and no one knocking on your door for room service when you least expect it (although serviced apartments are available through HiAtlas upon request). Leasing an apartment also means you get to experience Wellington like a local - follow your nose and experience a less touristy side of the city. Click here for some tips, tricks and must-sees for your stay in Wellington.

#2 - Go Off the Beaten Track
Apartments are found where more traditional accommodation is not. Take your pick of Wellington’s beautiful and quirky suburbs - get a cosy abode in Thorndon away from the CBD, or live it up in the sun with a view of Oriental Bay. No matter what you fancy, there’s a place for you.

#3 - Don’t Break the Bank
Price is a big factor for those travelling professionally, and it makes sense to save where you can. Shelling out per night for accommodation can hit your wallet where it hurts on long trips - so why not pay per week? Renting an apartment on a weekly basis doesn’t just save you money in the long term - it also offers the perks of being self-sufficient. Apartments are invariably equipped with cooking and laundry amenities, which means good-bye to those restaurant and laundry bills.

#4 - Comfort is Key
On a long stay away, you’re going to want to get comfortable. An apartment can be configured however you please, while adding your own personal touches to make it feel like home. With larger spaces on offer, travelling with colleagues or family is made much more simple - you can spread out over several rooms if necessary, without having to book multiple separate units. You can also enjoy the privacy of your own space - something that’s few and far between elsewhere. HiAtlas deals directly with the landlord and the resident, meaning you have a quick and easy contact for any questions or concerns about the property that you may have.

#5 - Get Creative in the Kitchen
As well saving you money on eating out, having your own cooking and dining space makes your accommodation really feel like home. There’s a catharsis to be found in enjoying a homemade meal at the end of a long work day – a luxury often passed up by patrons of more traditional accommodation. Bring out your culinary side in beautifully designed kitchens built with ease in mind, across many apartments available through HiAtlas.

Renting an apartment on a short term lease is the ideal accommodation solution for long term business trips and holiday excursions. Whether you’re new to travelling or a seasoned globetrotter, there’s nothing like the comfort of your own space to come back to after a long day.

For all your Wellington apartment needs, you need look no further than HiAtlas - to see our comprehensive list of apartments, click here.