You won’t find the village of Hobbiton here, but there are plenty of amazing Wellington Lord of the Rings filming locations to visit! Home to the Embassy Theatre where the world premiere of the Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King was held; the Wellington region is proud of the role we played during the filming of these iconic films.

Visiting the Wellington Lord of the Rings Filming Locations

Filming for the LOTR took place all around Aotearoa, including right here in the Capital. They are rather spaced apart, so your own private transport will be required during your visit. You won’t find any of the original sets at the filming locations, making a visit to Peter Jackson’s Weta Studios a must-do if seeing props and learning insider secrets are on your to-do list.

Otherwise, here are the LOTR filming locations you can visit in the Wellington region:

Mount Victoria – the pathway leading to the summit of the Mount Victoria lookout is where the Black Rider went through, while the four hobbits hid under some tree roots. It’s also a great place to capture some wonderful views of the harbour.

Hutt River – the Hutt River was at for a short time known as the River Anduin. The Fellowship of the Ring team left by boat from Lothlorien, which today is back to being known as Poet’s Park. You will find this area in Upper Hutt, between Moonshine Bridge and Poet’s Park.

Kaitoke Regional Park – 15 minutes’ drive from Upper Hutt, Kaitoke Regional Park was the location of Rivendell, as well as being where Frodo was able to recover from his knife attack.

Harcourt Park – once again in Upper Hutt, Gandalf and Saruman met in the Gardens of Isengard, AKA Harcourt Park. 

Putangirua Pinnacles – heading over the hill to the Wairarapa, you’ll see the Putangirua Pinnacles which were used in scenes for Dimhold Road. These fantastic looking weathered rock pillars offer some great photo opportunities.

Dry Creek Quarry – home to Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith, Dry Creek Quarry is located at the bottom of Haywards Hill, before you reach Upper Hutt. It remains a working quarry, but is a must see for LOTR fans!

Queen Elizabeth Park – over on the Kapiti Coast, Queen Elizabeth Park was the location for part of the filming of Pelennor Fields in Return of the King. The rest of the filming for this scene occurred down in the South Island near Twizel.

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