The experts are getting excited this quarter with the recent trans-Tasman bubble between New Zealand and Australia.

Cautiously optimistic, Tourism New Zealand in March forecasted that opening travel to Australians could allow tourism revenue to recover 70% of pre-Covid levels, providing a $1 billion boost to the New Zealand economy over the rest of the year. And since the announcement, early indicators are currently looking positive. The ANZ Business Outlook has reported all economic activity indictors were significantly higher in late April.

Following this, ANZ optimistically reports that even if only 20% of the usual number of overseas trips by Australian citizens were directed to New Zealand, that would be 2 million people visiting our shores. With 25 million Australians unable to have travelled internationally for a year, suddenly New Zealand will look even more attractive for many Australians.

So what does this mean for Wellington? As the nation’s capital, we’re always a destination for travellers, whether it be for tourism, business, or to visit friends over the pond. Even without international travellers, Wellington’s economy has bounced back incredibly well post-Covid, making this the icing on the cake we can all celebrate.

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