Wellington is a great place to live for seasoned locals and newcomers alike. During your first days in the capital you’ll start to notice the things that really define the Wellington experience. When you’ve been here a long while, it’s the quirks and idiosyncrasies that’ll make you fall in love with the city, its people and its culture.


The Wind

Let’s get the least palatable one out of the way first! Ranked as the windiest city in the world, the minimal land area between the harbour and hills results in gusty weather being an almost permanent feature in the capital. It’s an integral part of being a Wellingtonian to experience at least one bumpy arrival into the airport, or have a possession/item of clothing fly away from you while walking through town. The Wellywood sign that greets air traffic arriving into the city has even been stylised to look like it’s blowing away - we’re not known as Windy Welly for nothing!


The History

From ancient Māori sacred sites to colonial relics and beyond, Wellington is steeped in a rich history that extends well beyond the people who live here today. Explore immaculately kept installations at Te Papa Tongarewa (Wellington’s Natural History Museum), the City & Sea Museum on Aotea Quay, or go further afield and visit some of Wellington’s most storied historic sites for yourself.


Cuba St.

Those lucky enough to live in Wellington’s Cuba Quarter will tell you that this is the quintessential embodiment of Wellington’s character. Lining the street are eateries, cafes, art galleries and tattoo parlours - not to mention the iconic Cuba St. Bucket fountain, apt to splash the unwary with water should they draw too near!

There’s nothing like enjoying a great coffee at Fidel’s or a hearty kai at Ekim Burgers. If brews are your thing, the Heyday Beer Co. will accommodate you magnificently. 

By night Cuba St. comes to life with an array of food markets, bars and entertainment. Catch some live music at San Fran or a drink at Club 121

Whatever your mood or the time of day, Cuba St. Will draw you in with its charm and authenticity.


The Waterfront

The Wellington Waterfront is a gorgeous testament to Wellington’s potential as a place for leisure, as well as business. Featuring a diverse array of establishments and attractions and gorgeous ocean views throughout, the waterfront is a place you can spend hours on a hot summer’s day. Those situated nearby enjoy easy access to several parks and the TSB Events Centre, not to mention the many wonderful places to wine and dine beside the Water’s edge. The Wellington Underground Market is an event not to be missed on Saturdays, and the Mac’s Bar & Brewery is the perfect spot to unwind after a long work day.


The Closeness

Here in the Capital, it’s easy to take for granted how close everything is. The city, sea and hills hemming the city in on all sides make for fairly close-knit urban planning - something that you don’t really notice when you’ve lived here a while. It’s possible to walk almost anywhere in Wellington, and for those in the outer suburbs, a bike will do just fine. 

This intimacy is often manifests as a value held by many Wellingtonians - one of friendliness and  hospitality that will make you feel right at home.