Jennifer Mattlin was a working mum and fresh off the back of an
event management career when her vision for HiAtlas first took shape.
Now, over 50 of Wellington’s most gorgeous and quirky properties have
their place in this ambitious property manager’s portfolio.
To its tenants, HiAtlas represents quality accommodation with a
difference. Where most accommodation options offer a nightly rate or a
fixed term contract, HiAtlas specialises in customisable and often longer-
term offerings, where tenants have a say in everything from the location to
the furnishings.

Positioned among the beautiful hills, beaches and metropolitan
centres of New Zealand’s capital are the city’s most tasteful apartments
and homes. Being a former travelling professional herself, Jennifer has
made it her mission to seek out these gems and bring them into the HiAtlas

Returning to Wellington from London in 2010, Jen started hosting on
Airbnb to supplement the family income. After expanding over a few
properties, hosting turned from a side project into a full-blown passion.
“Having a technology-oriented family member really helped HiAtlas
get off the ground in the beginning” says Jen, who now has a small and
dedicated team of four others on board. “It means I can focus on the part
that I love, which is being a great host to our tenants”.
Jen caters to travelers of all kinds, but the real point of difference is
that HiAtlas allows for longer-term, personalised accommodation.
“I’ve stayed in some beautiful hotels during my work travels”, she
says, “but nothing can distract from the fact that they are just that - hotels.

What I set out to achieve with HiAtlas is a selection of places that our
clients can treat as a real home away from home”.
True to her claim, HiAtlas properties come fully furnished, not at all,
or anything in between - its properties are truly spaces for tenants to make
their own.

“Thank you for making accommodation here in
Wellington a breeze”.
J, Law Principal Consultant, Tenzing

Moving to another city on a corporate relocation (or any extended
time away) can be hard when you come home to a strange place to sleep
every night. Jen reflects on her time overseas, working as a sports event
manager at the Beijing Olympics:
“There was no downtime. Coming back to my accommodation felt like
just another job. I’d have jumped at the chance to stay somewhere I’d
chosen that wasn’t just a room number, but a space that was really ‘mine’.
That’s what motivated me to start HiAtlas”.

HiAtlas has expanded its catalogue since the early days, now
featuring properties across Wellington’s city, sea and suburbs - Thorndon,
Wellington CBD, Oriental Bay, Hataitai and more are all on offer.
While the outward focus of the company is predominantly on the
tenants, the team are always hard at work internally to provide one-of-a-
kind service to landlords, too.
“We offer landlords something that’s different from the standard
rental”, says Jen.
“It just gives them more flexibility, allowing the possibility for owners
to still use their property when it’s not occupied”.

Some HiAtlas landlords move overseas whilst keeping their furniture
and appliances in the property - removing the duality of having the place
either be a rental or a second home.

“We offer a service that lets landlords have it both ways”.
Described by one of her long-time tenants as “always super friendly
and helpful”, Jen has brought HiAtlas a long way since its humble
beginnings. Working hard with her team of proud Wellingtonians, they
continue to provide the go-to accommodation solution to Wellington’s long
term visitors.

The best place to see the comprehensive HiAtlas portfolio is here on the
website - browse the impressive range of properties, find more information on the organisation
and its team, or read up on what’s new via the blog.

Jen is always looking to meet new people - if you are interested in
partnering with HiAtlas as a tenant, a landlord or just having a chat, don’t
hesitate to get in touch with her directly at and start a