Since 1987, the World of Wearable Art, also known as WOW, has amazed, flabbergasted and impressed audiences with the exceptional fashion it has showcased. Allowing entrants the opportunity to throw caution to the wind and bring their most creative fantasies to life, it is a show you just can’t miss. In 2023, performances occur from Wednesday 20 September through to Sunday October 8th, and we strongly encourage you to book your tickets today!

What Will I See at Wellington’s World of Wearable Art Show? 

At WOW, you will see a catwalk, you will see models and you will see some spectacular garments. But in comparison to a regular runway show, that’s where the similarities end. Held in the TSB Arena next to the waterfront, the World of Wearable Art show will:

- Dazzle you with gorgeous works of wearable art

- Take your breath away in knowing you are viewing NZ’s largest theatrical production

- Captivate you with aerial acrobats

- Fascinate you with choreographed dance to fantastic music

- Impress you with the creativity of the designed in their material choices

- Ensure you have yet another reason to fall in love with Wellington

How Does It All Work?  

The World of Wearable Art is both a show and a competition. It attracts designers from all over the world who thrive on the challenge of pushing boundaries and designing wearable art. From first time entrants through to top names in the fashion world, entry is open to anyone over 18.

Every year there are six different themes to inspire designers, three of which remain the same each year: Aotearoa, Avant-Garde and Open. In 2023, there are also the sections of Crazy Curiosities of the Creature Carnival, Natural World and Geometric Abstraction. There are three rounds of closed judging to select the finalists and over $185,000 in prize money, plus exclusive internships and residencies with large global fashion companies.

There is a variety of seating options as you would expect from such a professional performance, some of which include interaction with the performers and close ups of the art garments. Both evening and matinee shows are available, and many of our furnished apartments in the CBD are within walking distance to the venue. So this September and October, book yourself the best of both worlds – tickets to the famous World of Wearable Art show and accommodation in one of Wellington’s top furnished apartments managed by the team at HiAtlas!