Here at HiAtlas, we specialise in the short- and long-term rentals of fully-furnished properties across Wellington. As a tenant renting a furnished apartment, you’ll appreciate being to move right in without the hassle of moving any furniture! There are other great things too, as well as some challenges which we’ll cover, plus what you will find in a furnished apartment.

Pros & Cons of Renting a Furnished Apartment

The advantages of renting a fully furnished apartment include:

Reduced costs – there is no need to purchase furniture for your apartment, nor do you need to pay moving expenses.

Save time – you won’t need to pack and arrange movers for your furniture. Instead, you simply bring your everyday belongings and accessories.

Greater flexibility – short term rentals are ideal for using when moving between properties, such as while waiting for a property purchase to settle.

Convenience – you simply bring your suitcase and move in; everything is provided for you. This is perfect for when you have temporary work in the Capital and know there is a start and end date.

The disadvantages of renting a furnished apartment include:

Can feel impersonal – the furnishings in a rental are chosen by the landlord or their interior designer. They may not be exactly to your taste and can feel impersonal. You can correct this by simply adding a few of your accessories within the apartment.

Care of furnishings – daily wear and tear is acceptable in a rental, but deliberate or careless damage is likely going to require you to pay repair or replacement costs.

Storage – if you have furniture which won’t fit in the apartment, you will need to arrange and pay for storage of it.

What Does a Fully Furnished Apartment Contain? 

Our fully furnished apartments contain (almost) everything you will need during your stay in Wellington. Each room will be completely furnished and accessorised for your comfort. For instance, the bedroom is likely to contain a bed, sets of drawers, bedside tables and a wardrobe.  If you use speciality kitchen equipment such as cake mixers or pasta makers, this is likely to be the only room where you’ll need to bring your own items to use.

Our available apartments are listed on our website, and if you are interested in any, please contact us directly for further information. If there is something specific you require which is not currently listed, please also contact us as we still may be able to help you.