Wellington City and its surrounding suburbs are bursting with fun and interesting locations and activities to fill your days off - but when you’re with the kids, you’ll often have to get extra creative with planning your day. If you’re a newcomer to the joys of Wellington life, or just simply stuck for ideas, this is for you! Here are seven things to do with the kids around Wellington.


Wellington Zoo

This is the obvious choice if you’ve not done it already! Ideal for those situated near the Newtown area, Wellington Zoo is full to bursting with creatures and critters which will easily fill up a whole day of exploration and amusement. Feed the birds, watch the chimps or seek out one of the many animal talks held by zookeepers throughout the day - the entertainment is endless.


Oriental Bay Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Wellington region and a hot destination for Wellingtonians during the summer. It’s a cost-free, outdoor activity that the kids will love every time. Swim in the ocean, build sandcastles, maybe get an ice cream on the parade, it’s the age-old family day trip that never disappoints. HiAtlas has several gorgeous properties situated nearby, ideal for frequenting the beach!


Te Papa

Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington’s national history museum, is an incredible free experience that’s specifically catered to the young ones every step of the way. Learn about everything New Zealand from native wildlife to geography, geology and marine life. Almost every exhibit is interactive in some way, with countless opportunities for kids to engage and learn.


The Embassy Theatre

For the days when it’s raining outside and the kids are driving you up the wall, a trip to the movies can be one of the best antidotes. Head down to the Embassy Theatre, where all the latest movies are on offer. The architecture and overall experience of The Embassy means that the kids can enjoy the delights of a classic trip to the movies.



While Staglands is a little farther afield than some of the other offerings in this list, it is without a doubt worth the trip. Situated in Akatarawa Valley near Upper Hutt, Staglands is the ultimate outdoor wildlife experience. You can meet at the cafe, walk around the park, freely interact with and feed the animals all while enjoying the beautiful backdrop of native New Zealand bush.


Explore Mount Victoria

Mount Vic is an iconic Wellington day trip and features some of the most beautiful walks and views in the Wellington region. It’s a short drive from almost anywhere in Wellington, and even walking distance for those who live nearby! Walk or bike the many paths and trails that crisscross around the hill, taking in the gorgeous bush and pine forests until you arrive at the summit, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Wellington’s city and sea.


The Weta Cave

The Weta Cave in Miramar is a must-see for young film fans and aspiring filmmakers. While this option is perhaps more age-appropriate for tweens and teens, there’s something here for everyone as you immerse yourselves in the incredible world of Weta Digital. Weta has worked with some of the top filmmakers of our generation and created countless designs, drawings, prosthetics, miniatures and more to discover as you explore the immersive and fascinating world of the Weta Cave.


In rain or shine, summer or winter, there’s always something fun to do in Wellington. The kids will love any of the items on this list, but if you want more, there are always more adventures to be had in the world’s coolest little capital.

We hope you enjoyed this list, or at least found it useful. You can check out more from the HiAtlas Blog or browse our impressive property portfolio, right here on the website. Ka kite anō au i a koe!