When it comes to renting your Wellington apartment, impressions matter. The way in which the apartment is furnished and presented plays a significant role in how long it takes to get a great tenant. Using the services of an interior designer before listing for rent, can give you multiple benefits which we’ll discuss next.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer Before Listing Your Apartment

Interior design is more than simply how your apartment looks. It’s about the way it is used, how inviting it is and how comfortable your ideal tenant feels when they are viewing the property. Here are seven reasons why you should consider hiring the services of an interior designer before having any apartment viewings:

An interior designer adds value – a well presented apartment can help to increase the amount of rent you’ll receive, but also make the apartment more appealing, spending less time on the market.

You avoid costly mistakes – DIY can save you money, but it can also cost you! It is best to leave it to a professional who has a wide background of knowledge and experience in styling Wellington apartments.

They have access to a wide professional network – your designer will use their wide-reaching network to help in the styling of your apartment. They’ll have several electricians, furnishing stores, drapers, and tilers for instance, whom they have worked with before and know are trustworthy and reliable.

Helps you develop an appropriate style – your apartment will need to be based around a specific style to help it feel cohesive and inviting. For example, it could be eclectic, industrial, contemporary, or minimalist style, which will depend on apartment location, size, and target audience.

Saves you time – by not needing to organise any painting, window dressing installations or furniture positioning, you save time that you can use for other things.

Budgeting and planning are easier – an interior designer will have a better understanding of costs and timeframes. It is part of their role to help you identify and keep to a specific budget.

Apartment space optimisation – an interior designer has an eye for design. Through choice and use of colours, furniture type and accessory usage, they can easily define specific areas within the apartment. Through furniture, window dressing and accessory placement, spaces within your apartment can be made to feel warm and inviting, spacious or cosy and homely.

Our team are happy to make recommendations on interior designers and furnishing companies if required. A well presented and beautifully furnished apartment will be in high demand. For details on how to list your apartment with HiAtlas, contact us directly for a chat.